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Memoir on County camaraderie: “We Did it in Maine”

| December 4, 2013

It’s a story of compassion in the face of hardship, community responsibility, human decency, all with a touch of humor. It’s an experience that a woman from Marin County California had in the County back in the 70′s and it inspired her so much, that she wrote a memoir about it. News Source 8′s Angela Christoforos talked to the author to find out what it’s all about…

Author of “We did it in Maine” Joyce Hartwick said, “That’s the first summer that 4 kids grew up, and they grew up due to a community of wonderful wonderful people in Aroostook County Maine, who taught them what matters and what doesn’t matter.”

Imagine 4 suburban kids hitchhiking across the United States and taking the Northern Route to Woodland; trying to navigate the ways of rural living. Well that’s actually a true story- and you can bet those kids failed in their attempts but luckily local County people lent a helping hand.

Author of “We did it in Maine” Joyce Hartwick said, “They dug us out of the woods they dug out snowmobile trails in so we could walk out we knew nothing, they were absolutely wonderful.”

“The Gathering” is a 3 part e-book. The first part called ” We did it in Maine” tells a funny story about 4 suburban kids in the 70′s trying to make their way in rural Aroostook County, including the author herself.

Author of “We did it in Maine” Joyce Hartwick said, “Aroostook County teaches us about… Teaches us about ourselves.”

They built a cabin, logged their land with a horse, and made all kinds of mistakes along the way. The author says the camaraderie of the County people taught them about community and integrity.

Author of “We did it in Maine” Joyce Hartwick said, “I don’t think people in Aroostook County know what it takes for someone from California upper middle class to recognize what life’s really about. And what they taught me is that life is really about people and community and honesty and taking care of the land.”

“We did it in Maine” is available on Amazon as an E-book on either a PC or kindle reader, the whole book will be available in paperback this June.

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