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Matt Osgood, an Air Force Pilot Home for the Harvest

| October 4, 2013

Matt Osgood grew up in Aroostook County, and loves every bit of it. He loves it so much that he took leave from his job in order to help out with the harvest. He’s a pilot in the Air Force, flies a C-17 cargo aircraft, and is currently stationed up in Canada.

Matt is very passionate about flying, but there is still a place in his heart for the harvest.

Since a child, Matt has considered harvest season an exciting time of the year.

Matt says, “we grew up with it. My grandma used to babysit me and I used to sit at the end of the driveway and just watch potato trucks go by. It’s a way of life around here. I’ve always loved doing it. My grandpa did it and then my best friend did it growing up in high school, so we always got out on harvest break. It’s always a thing. So this time of year I get the most homesick, so I try to come and work  just to get back into it.”

Matt loves coming back to the county and driving the truck. He says there’s nothing better than the laid back lifestyle of Aroostook County, and being out in the fields.

He says, “I love it. It’s much more laid back, it’s a lot of fun, everyone works together. Everybody is in a good mood because it is harvest time.”

Matt only has a few more days in the county before he returns to work, but he told his wife that he hopes to take his vacation around harvest season every year.


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