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John L. Martin Roast

| August 24, 2013

John L. Martin is known for his role in Maine politics for nearly 50 years and for being Former Speaker of the House, but this weekend others spoke on his behalf at the John Martin Roast at the Crow’s Nest in Presque Isle to raise funds for education.

Former Speaker of the House John L. Martin said,  “A roast is something I’ve only done once in my entire legislative career.”

But on Saturday at the Crows Nest, Former Speaker of the House John L. Martin had his 2nd roast! And although a roast entails a whole lot of teasing, there was still room for praise. Former Governor John Baldacci refers to Martin as someone who knows how to get things done.

Former Governor of Maine John Baldacci said, “He is the center of the roast, there’s a lot of things that we are going to say about John and some of it is probably embellished but a lot of it is really about the work that he accomplished, John has a big heart, John is a tough negotiator he fights hard for his people to make sure their voices are heard.”

Over 150 people came to honor and poke fun at John Martin, but the evening wasn’t just about poking fun, it’s about raising funds for a scholarship for NMCC students that will be endowed in John Martin’s name, who’s been a strong advocate for education in Aroostook County.

Former Governor of Maine John Baldacci said, “To be able to have a scholarship in his name will be an enduring monument and testament to John’s influences in education in the state.”

NMCC President Tim Crowley said,  “Very excited to be able to do this, and so appreciative of his willingness to step up and do this cause this is not an easy thing to sit in front of 150 or 70 people and get jabbed most of the night.”

Fortunately, John Martin is a good sport,  and he says being able to raise funds for scholarship makes it all worth it.

Former Speaker of the House John L. Martin said,  “I’m a firm believer that someone’s ability to move up in the world is to have a quality education, and without it they will survive in life but they won’t do as well, I’m firmly convinced that a better way of living for themselves and their family is basically an education.”


In addition to his career in politics; Martin has also been an assistant Professor of Political Science and Government at the University of Maine at Fort Kent for over 30 years.

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