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Hunters’ Breakfast held at the Presque Isle Fish and Game Club

| November 2, 2013

Deer hunting season is in full swing! Opening day of the season is Saturday November 2nd, and to kick that off Hunters’ Breakfasts were held in a few places throughout the County. The Hunters’ Breakfast is a longstanding tradition at the Presque Isle Fish and Game Club.

President of the Presque Isle Fish and Game Club Barry Flood said, “We’ve been doing this since 1947, we’re probably one of the longest running Hunters’ Breakfast we always have ours on the opening day for residents.”

Charles Currier of Mapleton said,  “When it comes hunting season everyone wants to go to a Hunters Breakfast.”

The club served over 300 people; some eager to get out into the woods and hunt deer on the first day of the doe hunting season. And there’s no better way to gear up for a long day of hunting than with a nice hearty breakfast. Some hunters were in as early as 4 am to eat things like pancakes, bacon, and sausage.

President of the Presque Isle Fish and Game Club Barry Flood said, “It’s a big group of people that come in traditionally it used to be mostly all hunters but now you’ll see husbands, wives, children come in.”

Hunting is a popular hobby in the County, and through November 30th DEER is a hot ticket.

President of the Presque Isle Fish and Game Club Barry Flood said, “This is the first time we’ve had doe permits up here for I want to say 6, 7 years something like that.”

Whether it’s the good eats, the raffle drawing, or just being in the presence of good company, the Hunters Breakfast is an exciting event for those who hunt and for those who sit back and watch.

Some of the proceeds raised from the Hunters’ Breakfast in Presque Isle go towards sending kids to conservation camps that teach them things like hunters safety. Hunters’ Breakfasts were also held in Caribou, Ashland, Stockholm and Washburn on Saturday as well and several more will be held throughout the deer hunting season.

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