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Hot Air Ballooning

| August 7, 2013

The annual Crown of Maine Balloon Fest is set to take place later this month from the 22nd to the 25th; but you don’t have to wait to ride a hot air balloon! August is prime time for hot air ballooning in the County, Wendell Purvis has been flying them for over 25 years!

Hot Air Balloon Pilot Wendell Purvis says, “It’s a very addicting sport, you get your hands on one, you can see them and admire them, but when you get your hands on one it’s like it becomes a part of you.”

And it can become a part of you too- before the Crown of Maine Balloon festival even begins! Weather permitting of course…

Hot Air Balloon Pilot Wendell Purvis says, “We do have weather parameters that we have to abide by just for safety’s sake, you know we have to watch the fog we have to watch the rain in the area clouds, wind is one of our biggies.”

Wendell says that flying in Aroostook County is ideal because of the boundless wide open spaces and the beautiful scenic views.

Hot Air Balloon Pilot Wendell Purvis says, “Of all the places in the country that I fly this is my most favorite place to fly because the people are so nice the area is so open it’s a friendly area and beautiful scenery… Your biggest asset is your scenery.”

An asset that can be admired, thousands of feet high in the sky.


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