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Halloween celebrations around Presque Isle

| October 31, 2013

Kids were out and about on Halloween night.. they dressed as witches, Darth Vader and vampires, scouring the streets for one thing, candy.  When we asked some of the kids in Presque Isle what their favorite kind of candy was we saw a trend and that trend was gum!

Some trick-or-treater’s were going house to house despite the rainy weather! However there were some who chose to stay indoors.  Another way that families celebrated Halloween was by coming here to the Presque isle Wesleyan church where there’s games, there’s prizes and of course, there’s candy.

I even tried out one of the games! Me and the Kids were not the only ones who enjoyed the event, parents told us why they like coming to the Big Top Bash.

Peggy Arnett, told us, “well one its warm, two it’s a very safe environment for the kids.”

Sherri Cox added, “They love the games, they love the candy, they love the bounce house, the food the drinks everything, there having a great time.”

Crazy costumes were displayed everywhere.  And one thing is certain..Whether kids went door to door, or hung out inside .  At the end of the night they will go home happy with a bucket of candy.

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