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Goodrich Jewelers Closing

| August 29, 2013



The North Road store is the 3rd location of Goodrich Jeweler’s in Houlton; a jeweler that’s had a presence in town for 38 years.

The Owner of Goodrich Jeweler’s Walter Goodrich said, “We started in a little tiny store on Main Street actually in Market Square downtown and then we moved to a larger store on Main Street and then we decided we needed a different kind of market and different location so we came up here were there’s a lot more traffic.”

And through the years the store has carried all things you’d expect a jewelry store to carry: sterling silver, gold, watches, as well as jewelry repairs. But those services will be offered no longer Goodrich is retiring, and the store is set to close this weekend.

The Executive Director of the Health Services Foundation Elizabeth Dulin said, “My husband might be happy I won’t be spending anymore money buying jewelry but I think it’s a big loss I think it’s a big loss for everybody and I don’t think they’ll understand it until it actually happens.”

It’s going to happen this Saturday and because of that there have been some big store sales with most items at 60% off and select items at 70% off. The Executive Director of the Health Services Foundation says it’s not just the store that will be missed, but Goodrich’s presence in the community will be as well.

The Executive Director of the Health Services Foundation Elizabeth Dulin said, “We have had a diamond raffle now for over 12 years and Walter was the person who decided that maybe that would be a fun thing to do, needless to say after all these years the diamond raffle has been extraordinarily successful, and we have raised over $100,000 I believe to support the equipment and everything else we do here for health care, he’s played a big part in this.”

The Owner of Goodrich Jeweler’s Walter Goodrich said, “The retail market for small businesses especially in jewelry is tough these days, you know people shop the internet they shop the malls, the price of gold has made jewelry fairly expensive for a lot of people so there’s a lot of reasons that after 38 years we’ve had a good run and we’re going to move on to the next phase of our life.”

Goodrich plans to move to Cape Cod with his family to be closer to his daughter and new grandson. He plans to continue jewelry repair at least a couple days a week in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and he’s offered his customers the chance to send jewelry to him there where he will continue to service it for them.

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