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Frenchville Fly-in & Air show

| August 17, 2013

The sky’s the limit, or at least it was this weekend over in the St. John Valley! The Frenchville Fly-in and Air Show held at the Northern Aroostook Regional Airport featured aerobatic performances, and even an all women’s sky diving team!

Air show peformer Daniel Marcotte says, “This is the 2nd time I’ve flown in the Frenchville air show, I was here last year and looks like a great weekend again this weekend I’m going to be doing everything you can do in my little airplane I’m going to be flying it from 250 miles an hour to zero miles an hour to actually flying it backwards I’m going to do loops and roles and vertical lines.”

And the aerobatic tricks in the sky were quite a sight to see.

Event Coordinator of the Frenchville Air Show Russ Leighton says, “I think every little kid that’s ever looked up in the sky has thought that’s really cool, I’d like to do that someday or at least to be able to go out and see it.”

Four years ago the show started as just a fly in; and now it’s transformed into a full air show with aerobatic performers. There’s 4 aerobatic performers in the air show, they say that flying here is ideal because of the wide open spaces and hardly any air traffic.

Air show performer Jim Parker says, “What’s beautiful about this part of the country is it’s just the glorious lake country of Maine and nobody could possibly pass up an opportunity to come here.”

And at this year’s air show, the world’s only all women sky diving team was also in attendance.

The All women’s sky diving team Misty Blues says, “We get out about between 3500 and 4500 AGL above the ground.”

Event Coordinator of the Frenchville Air Show Russ Leighton says,  “Our goal is to show the rest of the County that there is general aviation available around here, people can get flying rides rent airplanes to go for scenic views,all sorts of things.”

The airshow is quite the spectacle, both from the ground and up in the sky.

Air show performer Jim Parker says, “It’s one of the largest outdoor drawing events in the world.”

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