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Fort Fairfield Senior Citizen housing finally ready for move in

| October 2, 2013

This senior living complex has been 4 years in the making. It is a result of a collaboration between the Fort Fairfield housing authority, the Town of Fort Fairfield and the Fort Fairfield residential development corporation.

“Its amazing when you get people together, what you can accomplish.” Say’s Dan Foster, Town Manager of Fort Fairfield.

This idea first came about when they were looking into ways to enhance the housing availability for senior citizens.  With this project in the works since 2009 residents were finally able to move in on October 1st.

“The housing authority is responsible for managing the facility and they are going through the process of getting people, getting leases signed and getting people ready to move in” ¬†Said Foster.

A few residents are already moved in and, for $550 dollars monthly, this complex has a lot to offer.

Foster added, “there are 20 1 bedrooms, there are 5 two bedrooms, and it includes heat and utilities, the tenant is responsible for electricity.”

Another new building that has been put in just next to the complex is a clinic, this is another initiative of the town of Fort Fairfield in collaboration with Cary Medical Center and Pine Health Services, Foster tells us that they are looking to enhance the livability of this community for the citizens who live here.

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