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Elderly man found dead in Edmundston, New Brunswick

| October 8, 2013


Across the border in Edmundston, New Brunswick the body of an elderly man has been found. He was reported missing Monday morning and was found just a little over 24 hours later; but investigators are still looking for answers.

Eighty six-year-old Armand Cyr of St. Leonard went missing Monday. He lived at the elderly residence of De Hotel Dieu of Saint-Basile. By Tuesday the search was over, but the ending was unfortunate.

Employees of the Hotel Dieu residence realized Mr. Armand Cyr was missing Monday morning, he was last seen wearing black pants, a pink baseball cap, and a white T-shirt.

Deputy Chief of Edmundston Police Percy Picard said, “Last time he was seen on video we see him at around 3:30, 4:00 Monday morning a.m. entering the Chapel at the home.”

An immediate search was started Monday. Picard says in video surveillance footage, he was seen with a walker that he managed to travel nearly 2 miles with. But it wasn’t until just before 11 o’clock Tuesday morning that a body was found and positively identified as Armand Cyr.

Deputy Chief of Edmundston Police Percy Picard said, “We had a call that the gentleman was found in the ditch alongside route 144 nearby David Road.”

Armand Cyr had a history of dementia, but at this point in the investigation, Picard says it’s too early to pinpoint the exact cause of his death.

Deputy Chief of Edmundston Police Percy Picard said, “It was treated as a crime scene, from the start and as soon as, as the investigation will proceed and especially the autopsy, we’ll know more which way we’re heading. Is it natural causes? Was it an accident? Was it a homicide? Anything could be possible.”

An autopsy on Armand Cyr is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

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