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Dr. Joel Fuhrman comes to Caribou for Educational Session on Nutrition

| October 12, 2013

It was a full house at the Caribou Inn and Convention Center over the weekend; on Saturday close to 200 people attended a public education session on health and nutrition that was held there with  internationally recognized nutrition expert and board-certified family physician Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He’s appeared on several TV shows and even has a couple of his own.

Board Certified Physician and Nutritional Researcher Joel Fuhrman says, “In the United States we have the worst healthy life expectancy scores of all modern countries and the word healthy life expectancy means the quality of your life in your later years.”

According to Dr. Furhman, diseases are linked to poor diets that are destroying Americans quality of life. The key to prevention of any disease starts with proper nutrition. Joel Furhman is also a New York Times best selling author. In his book “Eat for Health”, Dr. Furhman teaches his scientifically proven system to conquer cravings and food addictions.

Board Certified Physician and Nutritional Researcher Joel Fuhrman says, “More G-bombs. G-bombs: greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds. Foods with specific micro-nutrients that arm the bodies immune system to fight disease.”

He says high glycemic foods like white flour, sugar and sweet drinks are deficient in micro-nutrients. Two simple rules you can use to dramatically change your state of health include eating a big salad with leafy greens everyday and incorporating more beans into your diet.

Board Certified Physician and Nutritional Researcher Joel Fuhrman says, “Nutritional excellence utilized therapeutically is more effective than medications. It is the most effective form of healthcare and that’s the message is that the best healthcare is the proper self care the things you can do in your own kitchen, to give yourself a better life.”

Dr. Furhman says eat more fruits and vegetables; less meats and sweets, and take control over your health destiny by changing the way that you eat. He says the key to solving the health crisis in America and winning the war on Cancer depends on proper nutrition.

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