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Crews clean up damage caused by collision in Nashville Plantation

| October 15, 2013


Crews are busy at work at the intersection of Pinkham Road and Little Machias Road in Nashville Plantation after a collision between a logging truck and a train that happened around 10:30 Monday morning. The train was heading northeast but ended up hitting the trailer with the logs on it, knocking the truck over and the train off the railway.

Oil & Hazardous Material Responder of the Maine DEP Lee Thomas said, ”It caused pretty significant damage to the locomotive, derailed it.”

The collision damaged the rail lines as well, on Tuesday crews worked on clearing the rail, and rebuilding it.

Oil & Hazardous Material Responder of the Maine DEP Lee Thomas said, ”We’re here mainly looking out for anything that might’ve spilled, most of the fuel was transferred yesterday safely, there was a little bit of soil that was dug up associated with the damage done to the truck, some motor oil, some lube oil that was spilled, we mopped that up yesterday.”

Christopher Labone was driving the train that’s leased by Eastern Maine Railway that was hauling flat bed empty cars. DEP officials estimate it was traveling at an average speed of 20 miles an hour. Wayne Pelletier of CNA Trucking in Fort Kent was driving the logging truck. The crossing is marked with stop signs for traffic on both sides of the railway. The driver of the logging truck was unable to stop, and that’s what lead to the train collision.

Oil & Hazardous Material Responder of the Maine DEP Lee Thomas said, ”The truck was approaching the crossing probably too fast there is required stops at these crossings and apparently the truck did not was not able to stop. There’s no crossing bar that comes down, they have those signs up for a reason, most times truck traffic car traffic you’re never going to see a train but you should always approach with caution and where there is a stop sign obey the rules of the road.”

Trains alwyas have the right of way, because they can’t stop as quickly as a vehicle can. DEP officials say this accident could have been a lot worse, and fortunately no fatalities resulted from this collision.

The rail line is operated by the Maine Northern Railway. Officials from the Maine Northern Railway say they expect to operate a train on that track at some point this evening. There was no fuel discharge caused from this collision but officials estimate the damage cost millions of dollars.

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