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Commemorative hike to be held in Perth Andover this weekend

| September 27, 2013

This weekend is a great time to take a hike outdoors, especially with the warmer weather ahead and the beautiful fall foliage; and that’s exactly what some people in Perth Andover are planning to do this upcoming Sunday. But this isn’t just a leisurely hike- it’s one that will pay tribute to a significant piece of history.

The Tomlinson Lake in Perth Andover is part of the historic Underground Railroad, and come Sunday close to 40 will go there to take part in a commemorative hike.

Organizer of the “Tomlinson Lake Hike to Freedom” Joseph Gee says, “We’re commemorating and honoring those who made the toilsome journey not only that too, but everyone who’s ever fought for freedom.”

A secret network that helped runaway slaves escape to freedom called the Underground Railroad came all the way up to Canada- and the Tomlinson Lake was a final passageway.

Organizer of the “Tomlinson Lake Hike to Freedom” Joseph Gee says, “The Underground Railroad came to Fort Fairfield Maine, and they came through the woods and made their way to Tomlinson Lake.”

It’s history dates all the way back to before the Civil War; and in it’s recognition hikers will partake in the “Tomlinson Lake Hike to Freedom” starting at the former landfill site on Glenburn Road in Carlingford, down to the Tomlinson Lake, and finishing back at the starting point.

Organizer of the “Tomlinson Lake Hike to Freedom” Joseph Gee says, “I’m hoping that the community sees the importance in this, and someday I’d like to see some kind of a trail or a park made; it could become a tourist destination.”

The hike covers the historic Underground Railroad’s northernmost passageway, and will span a distance of roughly 5 miles. The hike is scheduled to start at noon this Sunday and it’s expected to last all afternoon, ending at around 6 pm.

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