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Caribou High School Donated Food to The Bread of Life Soup Kitchen Just in Time for the Holidays

| December 20, 2013

The members of the National Honor Society at Caribou High School were busy collecting food for the Bread of Life Soup Kitchen in Caribou. The members thought it would be a great idea and even made a contest out of it.

“We made a list of the food items that we wanted to donate, and then we made a point system to make it a competition between the home rooms. We passed out boxes and the home room teachers assigned items.You bring in this item. Today, we gathered all the boxes together and tallied up the points,” says Mackenzie Deveau.

Lots of time and hard work were put into collecting all of this food, but the members of the National Honor Society couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

“With all the hard work that my fellow co-chairs did on the event, it’s really nice to come here and see all the food and that about fifty people a day will be getting this food that they normally wouldn’t have,” ┬ásays Samantha Camy.

“It makes me glad to see that the whole school was able to contribute to feeding the people in the Caribou area, that normally would not have food especially during the holiday season,” says Alyssa St. Peter.

The head manager of Bread of Life was very grateful for the donation of food, and for the donation of just over 34 dollars.

“This means a lot to us. All this food right here will help support and we help feed people with nice hot warm food in the next couple months and it means a lot,” ┬ásays Jay Bellomo

Ham, canned items, and much more were all donated by the Caribou high school, and are sure to fill many empty stomachs this Christmas.

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