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Business and Industry leaders came together at NMCC’s Trade and Technical department advisory board meeting

| October 22, 2013

The room was filled with business and industry leaders from across the country at NMCC’s Trade and Technical department advisory board meeting. They came to give input on how the colleges programs are fulfilling industry needs and how they can improve.

Pamela Buck, Trade and Tech Department Chair for NMCC said, “We rely on their input to tell us what kind of what kind of classes we need to be teaching, what changes we need to make to our curriculum, new trends in the industry so we can address their needs and turn out graduates that are skilled and ready to work.”

Every department at NMCC has developed advisory boards, these advisory boards make it easier for student to connect with future employers.

Dave Harbison, Owner of Bison Pumps and Harbison plumbing heating and AC said, “It’s important to us because these students are coming out of their two year or four year programs, their educated, they are well prepared and they are ready to pursue their careers, so it’s a great resource for us.”

Tom Osgood Technical services manager, Smith and Wesson, “I think its useful for us to provide input to instructors and tell them what we need for our particular employees and then work with them in terms of what it means in curriculum content courses etc.”

The business people that were in attendance represented 11 different trade areas including, Automotive Technology, computer electronics, electrical construction and maintenance, precision metals manufacturing, and wind power technology just to name a few. Meeting with this advisory board ensures the college that the courses they provide are relevant and that they are fulfilling the needs of the work force.


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