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Bread of Life Soup Kitchen

| August 22, 2013

Soup Kitchens are a great resource for people in need of a meal; and one Soup Kitchen in Caribou is in need of a new manager in order to get things up and running again before the winter. The Bread of Life Soup Kitchen has been a part of the Caribou community for 13 years. But right now it’s not in use- it’s been closed since July.

Chairman of the Bread of Life Soup Kitchen Josette Hunter said, “Right now it’s closed, every year it’s been closed during the month of July because it’s just too hot and people know that and they’re able to prepare for that.”

But we’re now in the month of August and the soup Kitchen is still closed. Between 500 to 600 hot meals are normally served at the Bread of Life soup kitchen every month, but they’ve been unable to do so this month due to a lack of a manager.

Chairman of the Bread of Life Soup Kitchen Josette Hunter said, “What we’re looking for is one manager who would be able to manage all the days and manage the different volunteers that are able to come in. Everything at the soup kitchen is volunteer based, we run on a shoestring budget.”

That only makes it all the more difficult to find people that can put in the time commitment. The Chairman says the key to keeping things running smoothly at the Soup Kitchen is consistency.

Chairman of the Bread of Life Soup Kitchen Josette Hunter said, “We’d like to be open Monday through Friday and so there’s deliveries that need to be received twice a week and then to prepare the meal we start preparing the meal at 1 o’clock to serve from 4 to 5 and then the clean up afterwards.”

The Chairman hopes to have a new manager at the Soup Kitchen by September. She says the help of additional volunteers even once a month from 1 to 5:30 goes a long way.

If you are interested in volunteering, call the Bread of Life Soup Kitchen at 207-493- 4858.

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