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Bowdoin College Orientation Trip

| August 30, 2013

It’s back-to-school season, and today a school from downstate came up to the County for freshman orientation. It’s a group of students from across the country who are attending Bowdoin College this fall that were at the MSAD 1 Education Farm in Presque Isle today for a lesson in agriculture.

Director of Student Life at  Bowdoin College Allen Delong said, “This is really agriculture in action, so they learn about the history they learn about what’s going on now and then they get to experience it.”

As a part of their lesson in agriculture, students picked from an acre of blueberry bushes at the educational farm in Presque Isle. The purpose of the orientation is to expose the students to contemporary Aroostook County from a hands on perspective.

Director of Student Life at  Bowdoin College Allen Delong said, “This particular trip draws suburban and urban students we get very few rural students so very few of them have ever seen how their food is grown or really participated in it so today they’re picking blueberries, many of them for the first time.”

Trip Leader May Kim said,  “I wanted to find out more about the different communities in Maine, and I’ve never been to Northern Maine before.”

And with 25 hundred apple trees, an acre of blueberries, potatoes, and strawberries- the Educational Farm is a good place to show students what it’s all about.

Director of Student Life at  Bowdoin College Allen Delong said, “Really want them to understand that Bowdoin is situated in Maine so that they don’t just come to campus and spend 4 years on the college campus in Brunswick.”

Which is why these students came to the County today, to see a part of the state that plays a pivotal role in food production.

The agricultural trip also involved a basket weaving workshop, a trip to the Agricultural Museum in Littleton as well as Catholic Charities in Monticello.

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