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ATLC 2013

| August 8, 2013


The 2013 Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp is in full swing and the campers attending aren’t only having a lot of fun, but they are also learning valuable life lessons.  Two of those campers are Mykayla Bresett and Mason Sirois.

“I’ve learned leadership skills and I’ve learned all the different steps of how to be a good leader. It’s like, observation listening and team work”  Said Mykayla Bresett.  While Mason Sirois added,  “It’s been really fun. I’ve been meeting a lot of new friends. A lot of leadership skills, teamwork, respect. How to cooperate with others.:

The goal of the Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp is to provide students with a safe environment, free from bullying and peer pressure, where they can learn skills that they can then take back with them into their schools and homes.

“We have mini workshops throughout the week and main presenters that come in…it’s motivational speakers, leadership speakers.”  Camp co-director Valerie Theriault says. “They get to be their true selves. The peer pressure is gone for this week. It’s more than just, I’m learning leadership skills…I’m learning to believe in myself.”

The week long camp stretches and grows those attending each year, but for these 67 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students, it’s worth the effort.  And all of the 67 students attending ATLC are from the County. The camp wraps up on Thursday.


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