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A Good Plowman is the Key When it Comes to Car Lot Snow Removal

| December 17, 2013

Now you may think clearing snow off your car is pain, but how about clearing snow off hundreds of cars? Well, that’s what the employees at Carroll’s Auto Sales are doing after the snow on Sunday. Kirk Carroll, the General Manager of Carroll’s auto sales, says there are a few things that make cleaning off the cars successful.

“The homeless shelter usually comes and helps sweep all the cars off and we make a donation to them for doing that. It’s a great help to us, and I hope it helps them a little bit too. And it takes a great plowman and a lot of great tools to do this as well.”

Chris Robinson, the Sales Manager, is in charge of the snow broom, which helps to clear the snow off the cars. He says it’s time consuming, but definitely makes it easier. He says there are a few things that make his job successful.

“The appreciation of the elements and a very very aged and wise plow man. He gets it done really really fast and we just try to keep up with him.”

Michael McDonald is in charge of the booster pack, which helps start vehicles that have been sitting in the cold for too long. He says it is a great tool, and when asked what makes a successful day of removing snow and starting cars he says…

“You have to have a good attitude, enjoy the fresh air, and have a good plowman.”

So apparently one of the main tools to successful snow removal is a good plowman. That plowman is Dwight Mills and he has been plowing for Carroll’s for 10 years. He says he enjoys it.

“Immensely. I have fun. Been doing it a long time.”

All the snow clean-up takes about 5 hours says Carroll. It’s a lot of work, but Carroll says in the end it helps us work together.

“It helps us build teamwork on a job like this. Yeah it’s good for us.”

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