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Newest Sport Rolls Right Into Aroostook County

| January 30, 2014

Derby Package from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Speed, skill, and good old fashioned skating. Meet the newest athletes of Aroostook County.

“It’s really exciting because I’ve wanted to do derby since Bangor started theirs,” said Samantha White, a.k.a. “Zom B. Bite”. “So it’s really exciting that we have a league up here.”

They’re 21 women who make up the newest roller derby league in the state. They come from all over the area and have been practicing for three months– That’s 90 days of training your body to skate with speed, and learning all the rules of the sport.

Tanya: “I couldn’t skate,” said Tanya Stubbs, a.k.a. “Phil’n Frisky”. “The very first time I got out here, I fell more than I was on my skates– But within a month, I could skate.”

But If you think roller derby is simply skating around in a circle, think again. Skaters say it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, endurance and the ability to basically handle anything that may come your way.

“It’s like football on skates,” added White.

And White’s not kidding… because skaters spend their time on the rink getting downright physical.

“It’s full contact,” said White. “We skate around a rink and there’s two people who try to score points for the teams. People try to hit them out of bounds, block them, generally keep them from scoring.”

“We’re bumping, we’re hitting, there’s even things going on inside the pack that the spectators can’t even see,” added Stubbs.

Speaking of spectators, the Aroostook Roller Derby League is set to start competing in June. They may be the newest league in the State, but they say their team is pretty unique. Why?

“We’re Northern Maine tough,” said Stubbs.

If you’re interested in the Aroostook Roller Derby League, they’re having a Fresh Meat Class next Tuesday, February 4th at the Melody Roller Rink in Caribou from 7-9pm.

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