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New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Presque Isle

| December 31, 2013


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People all over the world are celebrating the end of 2013 and welcoming the year 2014! In Presque Isle many local bars and restaurants were gearing up earlier for their New Year’s Celebrations.

“We have a live band and we are doing a champagne toast at midnight and we are going to be at Capacity,” said Robb Miller, Operations Manager at the P.I. Inn and Convention Center.

“All sorts of drink and music,” said Linda Page, a bartender at Coppers Lounge in Presque Isle.

“We have start city Dj’s Brandon and Hannah and they are here doing music all night until about 2 o’clock in the morning because we found out we have an extra hour which is awesome,” Said Kylie Jeanne Oliveira, co-owner of Bou’s Brew Pub in Presque Isle.

Along with drinks and music, Bou’s Brew Pub in Presque Isle is going to be offering a fun activity.

“We are also doing a scavenger hunt, we will be announcing items every half hour to an hour and whoever find the item wins a prize. People that find the most items win a 20 dollar Bou’s Brew Pub gift certificate,” added Oliveira.

Tonight’s events not only benefit those who participate but also the businesses themselves.

“We are selling packages as well so we are seeing room revenue increase as well as the bar,” Said Miller.

“We know we are guaranteed to have the maximum capacity of people in here,”Said Oliveira.

If you don’t have any plans for when the ball drops yet, you might want to head over to Presque Isle. If you’re driving please be safe, but most of all Happy New Year.

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