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New Key Bank Branch In Presque Isle Consolidates 3 Branches Into 1

| November 1, 2013

NewKeyBank from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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A New Key bank in Presque Isle is opening soon. Three branches in the county will be closing.   The new multi-million dollar facility will have retail banking downstairs and commercial banking upstairs.  The bigger space and bigger parking lot will offer staff and customers one central location to operate out of.  With that, means the current locations, two in Presque Isle and one in Ashland are closing.  Key Bank Senior Vice President of Aroostook County Steve Gagnon (Gon-yer) says the primary reason for this move is for growth opportunity.

“A cost benefit analysis was done, because we have 2 branches in presque isle, there’s some cosmetic improvement necessary for our main street branch and some interior improvement necessary for our north street branch.”

That combined with only one of the branches having a drive up ATM and inadequate parking, the new building will offer three drive through ATM’s.  Plus, a training room on the second story means any new hire can train right in town, rather than have to travel to Portland.

Now the two current Presque Isle locations will be consolidated into the this building, and all the staff will be transferred here as well.

Gagnon says, “the Ashland facility is part of the consolidation, it’s considered a three for one, so all of the existing clients accounts in Ashland will automatically be transferred here to the Presque Isle market.”

Key bank officials are currently negotiating with the employees from the Ashland branch in regards to their status. Customers have received notice of it’s closure by mail. Plus, additional safe deposit boxes have been added to the new facility to accommodate the additional clients.
Construction on this facility began in April, and it will officially be open for business on November 12th.  Also a grand opening is scheduled for the new key bank in early December.

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