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New Home Sweet Home for Family

| June 18, 2014


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Its a new HOME SWEET HOME for one family in St. Francis. Shawn Cunningham has the story of a happy ending for a family that was nearly displaced.

Joyce Jackson is a new Homeowner and says of her new home “I keep waking up every morning saying is this really our house, are we really here.”


Meet the Jackson Thirteen, a large family that is now St. Francis’ newest residents. They’ve moved into this spacious twelve room home, a certainly large and generous housewarming gift from USDA Rural Development and its Single Family Housing Direct 502 Loan Program.

“It’s been great, its like living in a hotel compared to where we were” says Jerome Jackson.

Virginia Manuel, the State Director for USDA Rural Development in Maine says “Rural development is the bank, we make the loan to the Jackson family and it has very good interest rates, terms there’s a hundred percent financing involved for this particular family so they didn’t have to find a down payment.”

The home is a saving grace for this large family with eleven kids aged 1 to 16. The Jacksons moved to St. Francis from Ashland. They were cramped in a much smaller house with a leaky roof and mold problems. Eventually, some of the kids got sick. That’s when Joyce was told about the homeownership program. They applied and in two months were accepted. And now can call this 7 bedroom and two and half bath haven…HOME.

Manuel is traveling all over the state congratulating families who got a new home as part of the USDA loan program. As far as the Jackson’s happy ending, they’re helping Aroostook County grow.

Manuel adds “they’ve moved to St. Francis, the most northern most part of Maine, they’ve already added to the population in the community and we want our populations to grow.”

And this new house certainly gets the seal of approval from the Jackson children.

Jehiel JacksonĀ  says he loves his new home.

“Its awesome great house, nice location you can see Canada from here so I love it.”

“I like it because before we were really cramped in a small house so we have more than one bathroom so..” adds Jazmine Jackson.

SC: “very important as a girl, right?”

JJ:”YES!” (we both laugh)

And important when you have twelve other people to share it with.

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