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New HiSet Exam Replaces GED’s For Lower Cost & Flexibilty

| October 4, 2013

HiSetExam from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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The State of Maine is replacing GED exams with a new test.  The department of education recently made the announcement.

Starting in 2014, a new high school equivalency exam will  replace the GED exam for the coming year.   It’s called the HiSet test and the Department of Education says it covers the same content as the GED’s for 2014 would.

MSAD 1 Adult Education Director Terry Wood says,  “this new test will be focusing on the common core standards which the school districts are having to meet that requirement also.”

But the decision to make the switch comes after concerns that GED costs were expected to increase.

Wood says, “the GED was going to be triple the cost for the state of Maine whereas I believe this test is 50 dollars and then there are times where they can retake the test at no charge to the student.

A less expensive alternative is a benefit but the Education department also has concerns that the GED’s new test for 2014 would only be available on computers.

Wood also adds that, “the benefit for us also is still having that option of having the computer base for a lot of our younger students who are more comfortable with the computer and then it will also meet the needs of our adult learners by being able to still use the paper and pencil.”

Several other states have already switched to the HiSet from the GED for same reasons.  Wood says the lower cost and greater flexibility makes the HiSet Exam a better option.

An adult education conference will be taking place October 10th, and Wood says the new HiSet Exam will be on the agenda where more information on it will be discussed as it is still new.

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