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New Fort Fairfield Town Manager discusses his goals and plans for the town

| January 21, 2014


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Former Fort Fairfield Town Manager Dan Foster retired in December and new Town Manager Michael Bosse took his place just earlier this month. New Source 8’s Angela Christoforos checked in with Bosse to find out his goals and see how things are going so far…

There’s a new guy in charge at the Fort Fairfield Town Office. Michael Bosse has been the new Town Manager for just under a month; and he says things are off to a good start.

“The staff here is well seasoned, they’re very patient and that transitions been great. The staff here has been very helpful through the transition,” said Bosse.

This is Bosse’s first time working as Town Manager, but it’s not his first time working for the town. He’s worked as the Economic and Marketing Director as well as the Executive Director for the Chamber of Commerce.

“A lot of the experiences that I gained and knowledge that I gained while I was the Marketing Director has helped in so far as knowing the community. Fort Fairfield’s on the move, we just opened up the new Senior Citizens Complex and we have just opened up a new clinic,” said Bosse.

And that’s not all that’s on tap for the town; former Town Manager Dan Foster spear headed an economic development investment strategy for the town back in 2010, and Bosse plans to continue to carry it out.

“The economic development investment strategy was put together kind of as a road map for Fort Fairfield over the next few years as to what this community would like to see happen in a way of housing development, education, healthcare, development on Main Street,” said Bpsse.

As for the town budget, Bosse say’s that process will begin in March and the new budget for the fiscal year will be implemented in June with input from the community.

Bosse is actually wearing two hats. Not only is he the Town Manager but he is also still the Marketing Director as well.

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