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New Business Getting TWISTED Reaction About Location

| August 13, 2013


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Rachael McDivitt spends her days organizing her latest shipment of lingerie. Customers are coming in all the time to see her wares and other adult offerings at McDivitt’s new store, Twisted Knickers. McDivitt says she’s been received well by the community. “Business has been going great I’ve received a great response from the community especially women. It was very important to me to have a very women friendly business.

While McDivitt says she’s gotten great support for her budding business, some folks might be left feeling TWISTED over the location of the store on Skyway Drive, down the road from the Presque Isle Middle School. But Presque Isle City Code officer George Howe says McDivitt has met all the legal parameters to set up shop where she is.

“The distances were met and then some so there is no problem whatsoever as far as where she wanted to locate and every avenue that needed to be looked at was looked at and it was all found acceptable.” says Howe.

But SAD 1 Superintendent Gehrig Johnson tells Newssource 8 “the official stance the school department takes on issues like this is our hope is all businesses along walking, biking or bussing paths to our schools are G-Rated enterprises.”

McDivitt says “Anywhere you’re gonna be in town you’ve got a chance of a bus coming by I worked with the city and met all their ordinances I’m far enough away from everything so I could be on Main Street and the busses would go by or or I could be out here in the middle of nowhere and busses are gonna go by.”

Furthermore McDivitt says her business is understated and wouldn’t draw youngster attention. Howe says as long as they meet the zoning standards of more than 250 feet AWAY from the school…he welcomes  another new business to the community.

“I have a very classy little building here and I don’t think from the road you can tell that there’s anything unfriendly for children.”

Howe concurs saying “anytime that you attract business that means growth.”

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