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New Ashland Community Center Construction To Begin in August

| June 25, 2014


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A new Ashland community center is expected to open by late fall. That’s just a few months away and construction hasn’t even begun. But town officials say plans are moving along quite well and on schedule. Shawn Cunningham reports.

This large hole contains enough debris to fill a swimming pool. Its what used to be the old Ashland elementary school. But soon, the debris will be gone with a brand new community center in its place. Ashland Town Manager Ralph Dwyer says demolition of the building is complete and now construction can begin.

Ralph Dwyer is the Ashland Town Manager and says “we’ve currently completed all the abatement, the asbestos abatement we have the demolition complete the buildings are all down.”

Dwyer says Thursday a prebid meeting will be held allowing contractors to bid for the project. When done, a 36 by 50 attachment will be added to the existing gymnasium. It will include a kitchen, meeting, storage and mechanical rooms for community groups to gather and socialize.

While some municipalities are tightening their fiscal belts and postponing projects, Dwyer says cost hasn’t been too much of an issue in bringing the center project to fruition.

Dwyer says the construction will cost more than 400 thousand dollars. But they were lucky in getting 300 thousand in CDBG grant funding, 50 thousand in in kind donations and the town kicking in 47 thousand. Every dollar spent, every project completed is one step toward enhancing the economic development in Ashland.

Dwyer adds “we have some new companies coming in, Ecoshel and the Irving mill in Nashville its nice to take an old set of buildings and make it look good again.”

Its adding new life to old buildings…and new life to this community.

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