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Need to File Your Taxes? There’s an App For That

| March 7, 2014


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When it comes to filing taxes, some people tend to procrastinate. Others, well they want the money in their hands as quickly as possible.According to the IRS, in 2013 more than 43.6 million Americans filed their own taxes, and they did it online. But some tax forms can be complicated. US Cellular’s Gary Hebert says not to worry, there’s an app for that.

“IRS2Go is an application you can get on your smartphone whether it’s an Android or Apple product. That application has a lot of information about all of the tax laws that might have changed throughout the year,” says Hebert.

IRS2GO can get you up to speed, but that’s just one of the many apps that’s flooding the market. Another is TaxAct Central.

“You can process your taxes and you can actually watch where your refund is coming from. You can see when it’s going to apply to your account, or when you’re going to receive that check,” says Hebert.

Another app similar to TaxAct Central is one called MyTaxRefund. As for making use of your smart phones camera, it may not be Snap Chat, but Turbo Tax Snap Tax can at least help get you squared away with the IRS.

“You actually take a picture of your W-2 form. Send it in. You fill out some information on an e-form, and it takes about 10 minutes, and your taxes are approved. Then they send out the refund,” says Hebert.

As for the go-getter already looking ahead to 2015, Concur is an app that helps get you organized for next year.

“Throughout the year, do all your finances and all your expenses. So you don’t wait until the last minute and do a fire drill to get all your paperwork done. Just do your tax return,” says Hebert.

And the best part about all of these Hebert says, they’re free. And while, when it comes to phone apps, you clearly have a number of options. One option you don’t have though is the deadline to get your taxes done, and that’s April 15th.

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