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MSSM expands green house to improve student growth

| September 27, 2013


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The Maine school of science and math were approved by the RSU-39 school board just this past week to build a new green house on their grounds.  The executive director Luke Shorty told us how the current green house is being outgrown.

“We’ve got about 40 or so students utilizing this green house space and as you can see its kind of cramped in there, especially as the year progresses and more and more experiments start getting developed in there.” says Shorty.

The green house will not only expand in length, but in height as well.. One student particularly excited about that is Grier Ostermann, a junior at MSSM.

“as you can see, the green house doesn’t actually have a transparent roof and that’s kind of the whole point of a green house so that it stays warm via the green house effect and this new green house is really going to expand the amount we can grow for our cafeteria here and for our science projects.” says Ostermann.

Shorty told us their are many reasons building a bigger green house is important.  The experiments are fairly inexpensive once designed,so each student is able to have their own projects, their own ideas and their own experiments.

“Because its so easy to get student engagement and run experiments in that nature on such a small turn around time it is really optimal for student research which is what we are all about here, student centered investigation and discovery.” say’s Shorty.

The New green house will be about 3 times the footprint, and will cost around 150,000 dollars.  MSSM has around one third of the money needed to get started, but they need more donations, and plan to fund raise in the upcoming months.

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