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More than a Year Later, Baby Who Fell Out of Window Recovering

| December 11, 2013

Baby from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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3-year-old Jake Davis played with his favorite toy basketball and smiled as he chased it around the living room, while wearing his favorite hat. More than a year ago, Davis fell out of a second story window of an apartment on Parsons St. in Presque Isle, and could have lost his life. Though he’s out of the hospital now and has come very far from where he was, his father Matthew says this last year has been nothing close to easy.

“As a parent, you feel like you’re being treated like a criminal…almost every day, until something starts to come together,” he says.

Jake spent three and a half months in the hospital.he suffered an extreme concussion, and he shattered the right side of his skull. For a time, he couldn’t breathe on his own, and he lost the use of the left side of his body. His mother said he underwent at least 16 surgeries and he’s still dealing with a number of medical complications.

“He’s taught me that every challenge that you face can be overcome in some way. For him to be here and doing as well as he is right now, here he is he wakes up, he’s got pains, every day you know darn well he’s got pains, he just bypasses it,” says Howes.

According to Jake’s parents, DHHS found them neglectful but no charges were ever filed.  Every night as he puts his kids to bed, Howes still worries about an accident like that happening again. He says it’s almost like reliving a nightmare. Despite their own struggles, when Howes and Jake’s mother heard about the toddler who was accidentally shot at her home in Bangor..rather than passing judgment, they made a gift box for the family.

Howes says, “they’re watching their little girl lose a lot of things and they’re probably at the same point we were..we don’t know if she’s going to survive, how she’s going to survive, what’s going to be needed for help..who’s going to be there for help.”

Matthew Howes knows what it feels like to be scared to death after an accident like that happens. He knows in those moments, how helpful a simple act of kindness can be. And he knows that his son will face many more challenges as he grows up, but he’s thankful he’s alive, and he knows that Jake will continue to fight and get stronger every day.

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