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More than 100 Families Reunite As Part of CMA 2014

| August 22, 2014

FamReunions from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Cyr. It’s more than just a last name.

“It’s important to me because of our ancestors I mean all the work we’ve done to get to where we are today..I find that amazing,” said Lise Couturier Cyr, president of the Cyr family reunion.

“When I think of Cyr I think of first settlers, I think of strong family,” said Ronald Doucette.

Doucette’s grandmother was a Cyr – he started tracing his family’s history two decades ago- and that brought him up here. The Cyrs were one of 120 families that came together during the World Acadian Congress.

“We love the area- the friendliness, just the down home feeling that this is home, this is home, a place where our ancestors started from at one point,” said Doucette.

Members of the Cyr family had a blast meeting each other and tracing their roots. It’s the same story with the Martins.

“My grandmother still has a business even though she’s gone and so I’ve met right now a lot of people that I knew their fathers, and their grandfathers they used to come to the store,” said Ghislaine Crawford.

The Martins had their family reunion at the oldest Acadian home in Madawaska – built in the 1800s and still standing – so along with the family tree they got to see and experience a living piece of their history.

“Wow – that’s one of the first things people say is look at the ceiling look at the floor, look at the timbers, oh this reminds me of my grand meme’s house,” said Lois Muller, who owns the house.

“I’m a family man so anything that goes with the family I’m going there too to see everybody if I got relatives somewhere,” said Gilles Martin.

Whether you’re a Cyr, a Hebert, a Daigle, or a Martin, maybe you’re not even Acadian.. this Congress proves the phrase true… That family matters. Katie Zarrilli NS 8 >

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