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More Snow Is Great News for the World Juniors

| February 18, 2014


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There’s less than two weeks until the IBU youth/juniors World Championships. Opening ceremonies will be on February 27th at UMPI Gentile Center, and the 28th will be the first day of competitions. With almost 18 inches of snow over the past few days, it’s got people excited for the event.

“I think the snow gods were blessing us for sure. The snow gets used up very hard when we have training camps out there which we do now. Several countries are arriving over the next couple days. They are using the course, they’re using the trails, and that uses up the snow really hard,” says Jane Towle, Event Director.

The competition itself also uses up a lot of snow, and Towle says all of this snow is a fantastic bonus for their budget.

“The snow is key. This nice beautiful, natural snow is so much nicer than having to use manmade snow. I know the teams will love it. We’re really going to have a successful competition,” says Towle.

Towle says the event is taking on a life of its own, and two countries a day will be arriving from now until the event. The Russian Federation arrived last week, Bulgaria is here, and it is the first time that Australia will be competing.

“We have about 420 athletes, coaches, and support staff arriving from 30 different federations. So that’s a very large World Juniors. It’s one of the largest that’s ever been hosted,” says Towle.

More snow will be on the way before the World Juniors, and Towle says, every little bit helps.

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