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More Power Outages

| December 30, 2013

Ice Storm

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) – Another snowstorm has knocked out power for more Maine homes and businesses as a stormy December featuring more than 2 feet of snow and a prolonged ice storm draws to a close.
The National Weather Service says the latest snowstorm Sunday night brought the snow total to 26.2 inches in Portland. That’s more than double the snowfall in the typical December.

Central Maine Power says about 5,500 customers lost electricity in the latest storm. Bangor Hydro Electric, which is still dealing with hundreds of outages from last week’s ice storm, says about 1,600 homes and businesses are now in the dark.

Meterologist Mike Cempa says the new year could start the way the old one ended, with another snowstorm. He says a coastal storm is on tap for Thursday and Friday.

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