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More Options For College Students Come After An Agreement With NMCC And Husson University

| February 14, 2014

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Students attending, or who will be attending Northern Maine Community College, will be able to get credit towards a degree at Husson University.  It’s a “transfer of credits” agreement that the two institutions have just signed.

NMCC students interested in getting a bachelors degree at Husson university, can work towards that right from the NMCC campus.

Marie Hansen, Husson University College of Business Dean says, “very simply they’ll be able to get their transcript from northern Maine community college even while they’re in progress with their degree and work with our northern Maine director Jeniffer Flyn to go through an advising process.”

Thursdays (12/13/14)  signing ceremony at NMCC’s E. Perrin Edmunds Library acknowledged the understanding between the two institutions. It’s a move that benefits students.

Dottie Martin, NMCC Academic Dean says,  “this is a continuation of an opportunity that Husson provided to our citizen several years ago in which students – once they complete NMCC can continue on at Husson and it’s a great transfer agreement that students have the opportunity to know what classes they take here will transfer to Husson.”

The agreement outlines admission and program requirements at Husson University for Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, and Business and Professional Studies. It also specifies which NMCC courses can be used to meet general elective and major requirements within each of these degree programs. Individual course equivalencies listed by program are included in the agreement to assist in the advising process.

Martin says, “Husson has an adviser here located on campus so the students can simply meet with that adviser to let them know what their future plans are and begin to make those plans and firm them up.

Officials at both school are excited about the agreement and see it as one more opportunity for students to see what resources are out there for them.

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