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Moose Hunt Update

| September 26, 2013


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It’s the midway point of the first week of the moose hunt. Early in the week hunters had to deal with rainy conditions. The conditions didn’t have much an impact as registration stations stayed extremely busy.  Lee Kantar the Moose Specialist with the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says he has been pleased with the number of moose being harvested and the size of the animals.


“It’s exciting. I don’t know if the rain has changed things much.  We are really getting into the breeding season up here and the rut. Just seeing some tremendous bulls coming in.  Both in the quality antlers just amazing. We have seen several moose over a thousand pounds.”

Kantar wants to remind hunters to respect the landowners who allow hunting on their land. also to keep the moose cool so that meat doesn’t go bad.

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Biologists have put in countless hours doing a census on the moose population and that been paying dividends

“The survey work we have been doing over the last three winters. Aerial Surveys to look at numbers as well as a separate survey to look at the number of bulls, cows and calves. It has been really important information for the State to have and it’s nice to have that ability.”


The census has given biologists the information need to reallocate permits into higher population areas

” One of the things that all the survey work has demonstrated is that some of the Northwestern Zones are still a bit above what the public objective is for numbers. So we have some room to provide additional  permits there.  We have a lot of districts where we have a decrease in permits because of where the numbers are supposed to be.”

In the first two days  oft he moose hunt at least 9 moose in Fort Kent and Ashland weighed in at over a thousand pounds

” We typically don’t do that many in an entire season so that is very impressive. On top of that all of the yearling bulls that I have seen   have very wide spreads on them. That tells us about the population so I would says things are really really looking nice.”

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