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MMG Insurance, Five Time Best Workplace in Maine Award Winner Speaks On What Survey Means to Maine Business Climate

| March 26, 2014


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Do you like where you work or do you ever want to tell your employer how they can improve the company. Now’s your chance. Nominations are being accepted for the 2014 best workplaces in Maine.

One county company has received the designation five times and suggests how other companies can better enhance Maine’s business sector. Shawn Cunningham reports.

MMG Insurance has been named “A Best Place to Work in Maine” winner five times. Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Matt Mchatten says one secret behind the company’s success is support for their workforce.

“The best places to work and what the best places to work is designed around lines up very well with our core goals of the company, in that we strive to be a workplace of choice, we want our employees to provide feedback and feel empowered,” says Mchatten.

The call is out to companies to apply for the Best Workplace award. Coordinated by the Maine State Council of the Society of Human¬† Resources Management, the competition has received support from important entities in Maine’s business community including the state Department of Labor and The Maine State Chamber of Commerce. But it’s WORKERS who by completing the annual Best Workplaces in Maine survey voice the direction Maine’s business sector is headed. Mchatten says those opinions and that feedback is important in helping companies evolve. “You can tap into what’s on employees’ minds in an environment that doesn’t have bias as relatively safe for feedback and get a purer sense of feedback than maybe even in conversation and the depth of the survey is such that it digs into a lot of things that people haven’t thought about before and it assimiliates that all together for your entire workforce not just a pocket here and there.”

The State Director of the SHRM Maine State Council says “For eight years this program has recognized companies in Maine that understand that part of their success is based on the importance placed on recruiting and retaining top talent,” said Deb Whitworth, State Director of the SHRM Maine State Council.

Mchatten concurs saying the survey can be a crystal ball in helping companies develop and determine their own workforce destinies. That in turn has a significant impact on Maine’s labor and economic future.

“We’re not gonna be successful unless we look at how do we attract new talent into our company how do we create opportunities and career paths and development plans for our existing people and really maximize every individual’s contribution to the company.”

The deadline to apply and complete the survey is May 23rd. Interested companies can apply to participate in the program online at

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