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Missing Dog Found

| January 9, 2014

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NORTH ANSON, Maine (AP) – A real holiday miracle, as a dog that went missing has been found after surviving more than a week of sub-zero temperatures and severe winter storms. Dempsey, is 1-year-old boxer that belongs to Jamie Cyrway’s family in Severn, Maryland. ┬áThe family was in Maine visiting for the holidays when Dempsy jumped the fence at the home he was staying at. ┬áDempsy was found Monday morning in an abandoned warehouse in North Anson. He had a broken leg and was taken to an animal hospital for care. The dog was found by Christine Pierce, who doesn’t know the Cyrway family, but read about the missing dog on Facebook and spent several days looking for the missing dog. The family never lost faith that Dempsey would be found alive.

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