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Military Flight Delayed

| February 3, 2014


BANGOR, Maine (AP) – U.S. Customs and Border Protection says a military flight was delayed at Bangor International Airport for hours because defense contractors lacked paperwork for their military gear.
The episode began Sunday evening when the flight with 102 soldiers and 112 contractors from Afghanistan and Kuwait landed in Bangor and didn’t end until nearly 24 hours later on Monday.

Shelbe Benson-Fuller, a CBP spokeswoman, said some contractors didn’t have paperwork, so their checked bags had to be removed and examined. Airport officials worked with Delta to provide hotels and meals Sunday night.

Contractors said it was frustrating but they eventually departed Monday afternoon. Army 1st Lt. Engineer Ross Soares kept it in perspective, telling WABI-TV, “Everybody is safe and everybody is here with all their body parts, so that’s a good thing.”

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