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Midnight Madness

| July 3, 2014


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Midnight madness in downtown Houlton featured vendors, performers, and even fireworks the party atmosphere was great. With many booths helping to support local causes, people were¬†just out to support the town and a cause or two, like Misty Mariano the President of the Southern Aroostook Minor Hockey Association, “8, 9, even 10 o’clock we get a lot more traffic through here and the festival atmosphere picks up.”

Mariano also showed me some of the ways they were trying to make money to help keep the club going. “You can do a hockey shoot on a net and try to score. We have the dunk tank which is huge that is where we actually make all our money, people love to dunk the kids.”

As one went splashing down in the background, at another booth a block away, was trying to raise money for Autism Awareness. It was their first year at Midnight Madness, but Jacquie Morse the founder of the autism love foundation said she had been there before with her family.

” We are gonna be here almost all night, until after the fireworks show but we have a great time here as a Vendor and a Family,” said Morse.

Finally I talked to Circus Cam a local performer, who was doing things that I could only dream of, and even in those dreams I hurt myself. “Juggling, riding Unicycles, I juggle fire, I juggle knives, walking on a walking globe, a 7′ unicycle, everything. It’s fun to get out in the community, I love the facial expression on the kids when they see me juggle knives, just to see that I can make an impression on someones night here at midnight madness,” said Cam (just a note this guy has some serious talent).

I am pretty sure if I tried that I wouldn’t have any fingers left or probably much worse knowing my luck. Seriously.

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