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Men of Tyre Charity Ride Held in Memory of Tom Clukey

| June 21, 2014


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The first official weekend of summer was a busy one in the County- and if you live in the Caribou area you may have noticed motorcycles on the road Saturday. Some of those motorcycles might have been out just for the sake of riding- but one group specifically was riding for a cause, and in dedication of someone who passed last year. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos has the story…

A first of it’s kind Men of Tyre charity ride hit the streets of Northern Maine- 102 miles from Caribou to St. Agatha and back. Each mile in remembrance of former Mason and Shriner Tom Clukey who passed away in May of 2013 after battling Cancer.

Men of Tyre President Paul Harmon said, “Tom Clukey was a business man in Presque Isle, Clukey’s Auto Supply, started many years ago I know him personally. A very good gentleman and this is where his calling was, was in parts, auto parts.”

Tom Clukey’s Wife Gail Clukey said, “It’s very heart warming to see it for me this is really great Tom would be very proud and I’m really proud and feel honored for these people to do this in his memory.”

The Men of Tyre is made up of a group of Masons. It’s a worldwide organization, but the chapter here in Northern Maine is just a few months old.

“A mason is just a fellowship of men that get together. At one time it was years ago when they built the temples you had to start out as a fellow craft and then earned your trade and you’d work your way up through to become a master mason,” said Harmon.

Proceeds from the Charity Ride go towards the Masons Charity Fund, which directly benefits widows and orphans of Masons.

” He was loved by many and we all miss him. He just loved to do for people and he loved to be with people so he would’ve thought this was great,” said Gail Clukey.

An active member of the community whose memory will always live within the fellowship of masons, shriners, and the Men of Tyre in Northern Maine.

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