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Memory Quilts go to Hospice of Aroostook

| October 30, 2013


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Even though Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, one group out of Washburn called “Stichin n a Givin” is already getting into the holiday spirit.  The group made special quilts for the Hospice of Aroostook with love in every stitch. It’s the 4th year the group has volunteered their fabric and their time to make a difference.

Mildred Bennett, Member of “Sitchin n a Givin” said, “We started off and the first year we made 25 and the second year we made more, and this year our goal was to make 100.”

They’ve exceeded that goal by making more than 140 quilt. The quilts that are not just used for warmth; but as a symbolic healing tool to help children cope with loss.

Mildred Bennett, Member of “Sitchin n a Givin” said,  “They have to be made of cotton and they need to have areas either on the front or on the back that they can trace their hands and they write their favorite thing and the loved one their losing also writes their favorite things on each digit, and when the child is missing this person who’s passed away, they wrap their quilt around them they’re getting their hug from their lost loved one.”

The amount of time it takes to make one of the quilts depends on the quilts size, how many patterns it has, and the complexity of the patterns; any given quilt can have up to 100 of them.

June Churchill, Member of “Sitchin n a Givin” said,  “Put our talents to work and try to benefit people that are needy and in need of a quilt.”

The quilts all stay in the County, distributed in Hospice of Aroostook office’s from Danforth to Allagash. Making the memory quilts is a year round project. The group donates the quilts once a year, and the very next day they get right back to making them all over again. The Stitchin n a Givin group is always accepting fabric donations and new volunteers.

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