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Medical Monday: Importance of Getting Eye Exams

| March 26, 2014


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One of the most overlooked preventative health measure IS getting a routine eye exam. It’s a health checkup that can provide your doctor with the information to help you have clear vision and diagnose potential eye problems early on. Shawn Cunningham takes a look in this week’s Medical Monday.

Its important to have an annual physical but its equally important to have a routine eye exam. Dr. Craig Small is an optometrist with Family Eye Care in Caribou and says “To rule out eye diseases like cataracts, macrodegeneration, retinopathy because these can potentially ruin your vision permanently. Secondly you need 20/20 vision so that you can see well to drive or work or even do leisure recreation.” Dr. Small says

-adults can have their routine eye exams every two years.

-seniors should have annual exams (to be on the watch for cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration)

-infants and young children should have yearly exams (because they’re still growing and its an important age to catch eye problems that could be severe later on)

-teens should also have annual eye exams (this is the age with the greatest change in eye prescriptions like nearsightedness)

Dr. Small says there are other issues to KEEP YOUR EYE ON.

“We’re seeing more computers, more cell phones more work on the job that causes eye fatigue and eye strain.”

And Dr. Small concurs with the coaxing of your mom and grandmom about eating your carrots. He says nutrition can impact eye health as well as your overall well being.”

“Nutrition is very important not only for eye health but all physical health and they’re learning more that certain vitamins like betacarotine found in carrots or luteine which is found in spinach and broccoli is very good for the eye.

Dr. Small says people fearing they can’t afford a routine eye exam need not fret. The eye industry is LOOKING OUT for them creating free programs that will access more people with care. Overall he says getting a routine exam will keep your eyes in good shape and your future IN FOCUS.

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