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Medical Monday 6.9.14: TAMC Working To Become Certified Site For American Heart Association

| June 10, 2014


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A local hospital is becoming a treatment branch of the nation’s largest awareness organization on heart disease. Shawn Cunningham takes a look at how the Aroostook Medical Center is helping more people TAKE HEART for their health. Its this week’s Medical Monday.

“TAMC is partnering with the American Heart Association to become a certified heart failure and stroke center. What that means for patients is a concentrated effort on heart disease education and prevention.”

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Heart disease is a growing chronic health problem in Aroostook County cite local healthcare practitioners.

Deborah Adams is the Manager. Of Cardiology for the Aroostook Medical Center and says “The county has a lot of people with heart disease and it doesn’t mean everyone with heart disease will go on to develop heart failure but as our population gets older heart disease develops and may form problems with heart failure.”

To avoid more people having those chronic health complications, the Aroostook Medical Center is taking an intervention approach to fighting heart disease, heart failure and strokes. The hospital is working its way to become a certified site for heart failure and stroke treatment under the American Heart Association guidelines. Its one way to ensure patients are getting the best care possible in treating these chronic illnesses, right here in Aroostook County.

Adams adds “We are able to get a lot of resources through the American Heart Association for education it keeps us up to the date with the best practices so that they know the care that they’re given is where it should be all over the country.”

Roland Joy is the┬áChief of Nursing and adds “We’ll be able to move much quicker and faster to give them that care that they need, we’ll be able to keep those patients here at our hospital.”

But hospital IN HOUSE is only a partial component of the direction TAMC wants to take this initiative of battling heart disease. Practitioners say heart disease is chronic community problem that includes more awareness of proper diet, nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle inclusion.

“education that we will be doing in the community, making people aware of the warning signs of stroke also making sure that our staff are aware that we’re educating not only patients but their families as well,” says Joy.

“TAMC officials spent a year collecting data for a report they’ll submit to the American Heart Association to get the site certification. They anticipate that certification will become official later this fall.”


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