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Medical Monday 6.16.14: Crossfit Exercise Examined

| June 19, 2014


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CrossFit, the high-intensity power-training workout, has rocketed in popularity with more than seven thousand gyms worldwide. Crossfit has also come under fire by some healthcare practitioners, calling the workout EXTREME, attributing it to a growth in exercise injuries. Shawn Cunningham examines the issue in this week’s Medical Monday.

Adam Simoes is showing this Crossfit participant the proper way to lift this bar. 605 Crossfit Presque Isle has quickly grown to more than 80 members.

Katie Buob is the Lead Trainer at 605 Crossfit Presque Isle and says “You’re finding community, you’re finding a balanced lifestyle you’re getting information about food, about stretching about recovery you’re getting all of this in one place and that makes it such a big deal in terms of what you’re getting in the fitness community.”

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But some critics say people might be getting are a lot of Crossfit related injuries, calling the workout extreme…saying it does the body more harm than good. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found 16 percent of CrossFit participants dropped out due to “overuse or injury”. Some of the common injuries cited include


muscle strain

flat-foot injuries

skeletal misalignment

and sore joints.

But Crossfit participants say without proper instruction or guidance the risk of injury can happen with any exercise routine.

Nate Berry is the Owner of 605 Crossfit Presque Isle and adds “You can get doing anything but we spend a lot of time stretching, warming up both before and after the workout and a lot more attention to detail on mobility that I’ve ever seen in the past.”

That’s backed up by healthcare practitioners

Melinda Ledbetter is a TAMC Physician Assistant and says “If you don’t have the proper training if you don’t have a good idea of what you’re doing then you don’t really know what you’re trying to do so you don’t really have a goal to work toward and if you don’t have a good understanding of how your muscles work then you’re gonna set yourself up for injury.”

Crossfit Presque Isle officials also say there are a number of protections in place to prevent injuries.

Scott Violette is a Partner for 605 Crossfit Presque Isle and adds “Just trying to keep the classes small so having at least one coach for every ten people so that the coaches can really walk around and make sure people’s form is proper”

Buob adds “Anything that you can do with your body you can overdo and that’s what we really coach our athletes on there is this red line we wanna approach that red line without going over it so you’re feeling nauseous, maybe dial it back a little bit, but we have coaches to say that.”


Berry says of their 85 members,

-2 are physycians

-3 are physical therapists

-2 are occupational therapists

Berry adds anyone wanting to join Crossfit PI are required to do a foundations program which is twelve classes each consisting of the basic movements to see if Crossfit is a GOOD FIT for them. He says its also critical participants are forthcoming with Crossfit coaches about prior health issues and complications. Holding back any information could pose a risk of injury. Overall, enthusiasts say crossfit aside, the worse thing you can do to your body is NOT EXERCISE.

Berry says “we’re sitting at desks, sitting on a couch, sitting behind the steering heel so to get out and be moving is obviously good for overall health.”

Violette adds “you’re getting better health outcomes where you’re not getting diabetes, cancer, heart disease all of that its been proven that the more fit you are the less likely you are having those things.”

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