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Medical Monday 5.26.14: Health Benefits of Walking

| June 2, 2014


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If you’re getting outdoors to enjoy the good weather, consider getting in a good workout as well. Just by taking a simple walk. We find out how you can walk your way to better health. It’s this week’s Medical Monday with Shawn Cunningham.

Lyndsay Dufour takes every opportunity to take a brief walk while at work. Walking has had a good impact on Lyndsay’s body and overall health.

“I had almost a 25 pound weight loss that’s started around January,” says Dufour.

“Walking is a fabulous activity because it really doesn’t involve any equipment, you just put on a pair of walking shoes or smeakers and go out the door,” adds Dawn Poitras a Manager of Rehab/Therapy Services for the Aroostook Medical Center.

And Poitras adds walking can be a great gateway activity to other regular exercise routines like jogging or running. Walking can start off low impact and is a healthy activity for people of all ages. And overall can have a huge impact on major health issues.

Poitras adds “twenty minutes is all you need to reap the health benefits a reduction in different kinds of cancer, stroke, heart disease are just a few of the things that can be achieved through some basic walking.”

And that’s not all…walking can also…

Increase energy, stamina, and metabolism.

Increase muscle tone and bone density.

Increase the volume of plasma in blood, which thins the blood and reduces the risk of clotting.

Reduce the risks of diabetes by lowering blood sugars and body fat levels.

Lindsay says she can see and feel the difference walking has made in her life.

“Its been a great motivator to get the stress out, its made me sleep better I’ve had a lot more energy during the day.”

And all that is certainly worth walking for.

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