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Medical Monday 4.7.14: Cary Medical Wins Breast Cancer Health Award

| April 8, 2014


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A local healthcare site is getting some national recognition for their efforts in treating breast cancer patients. Its this week’s Medical Monday with Shawn Cunningham. Its been a year since opening, and already Cary Medical’s Women’s Imaging Center has gotten notice and an accolade not only from patients, but the national healthcare community. The site is the recipient of a Women’s Choice Award as one of American’s Best Breast Cancer Center. Cary Chief Operating Officer Shawn Anderson says although the imaging center boasts state of the art technology, top of the line healthcare actually starts with in house surveys ensuring a patient experience in mammography and other breast health services is beyond satisfactory. “We do a lot of surveying on our own and so we really look at what the patient feels they provide us feedback,” says Anderson.

Leslie Anderson is the┬áManager of Cary’s Imaging and Rehabilitation Services and says “We have had about a 20 percent increase in growth in patients coming in for mammography services so that’s been huge for us. We’re happy to see that patients are now coming to us for all of their breast health issues both screening mammograms as a well as diagnostic mammograms.”

“Now I have an opportunity to actually speak with each patient, go over the results talk about the plan and so we get feedback about how nice the center is,” adds Dr. Shawn Laferriere, the Medical Director of Radiology for Cary.

What else that’s so nice about the center according to Dr. Laferriere is having someone on oncology staff called a breast navigator that helps guide patients to making informed decisions about their treatment.

“Helping patients get from their exam in radiology, their biopsy in radiology to see surgeons and now for the first time ever in Cary’s history two full time oncologists and so the whole package is put together coordinated by the breast navigator,” says Dr. Laferriere.

And while the award is assurance, Cary staff are doing things right in the eyes of their patients…some staff admit one thing must continually increase…education.

Leslie Anderson says”I think there’s more education that needs to go on about the importance of mammograms and why patients need to have mammograms done.”

Dr. Laferriere adds”Our goal was seven days, if you came with a problem we wanted to solve it in seven days before breast navigation the whole team was together we were in the 34 percent range and now with patient navigation we’re in the 99 percent range.”

He says services are done with speed, precision and always with the patient’s best health in mind.

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