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Medical Monday 2.3.14: NMMC Receives Accolade for Qualitative Care

| February 7, 2014


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A hospital in Northern Maine has received an accolade on providing top quality patient care and patient safety.  “It was awesome they treat you like royalty and that’s no kidding,” says Richard Bouchard who isn’t talking about his stay at an area hotel. But he might as well have been. Bouchard is talking about his experience at Northern Maine Medical Center in Fort Kent while having knee replacement surgery. And its rave reviews like Bouchard’s…all the positive patient feedback that’s garnered NMMC top rating and being put on the Harvrad Pilgrim Healthcare Honor Roll, for the second year in a row. Sue Devoe is NMMC’s Director Of Quality “We look to our patients to help us determine what are the areas that we are lacking in we may assume things but if our patients are not giving us that feedback then we’re not gonna know what direction to take.” Alain Bois is NMMC’s Dir. Of Nursing Services and adds “we’re focusing on the patient and wanting to do well by the patient so therefore we’ve got many initiatives that we’re looking forward to continuing and pursuing and pushing with our staff.” One of the initiatives being pushed include home visits by nurses after patients are discharged. Bois says “we have our nurses who may have worked with the patient on the hospital side actually go to the home to reinforce the education that was done at the hospital review the medication make sure they have their followup appointments all lined up and see if there’s any safety concerns in the home.” The Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Honor Roll recognizes hospital performance on issues like quality of care, patient experience and patient safety. NMMC stood out for achieving those goals among heart attack patients but also reducing  healthcare associated infections. NMMC is one of eleven Maine hospitals named to the honor roll. One critical component used to determine which healthcare site should be awarded the designation, patient feedback. Devoe adds “it really helps us drive the focus and if we have the feedback that our patients are seeing an opportunity for us those are things that really drive the work that we do.” Bouchard says “I had options to go elsewhere but after talking to people who have come out of here with knee surgery they’ve all had positive feedback really good feedback so I said I’m gonna stay home.” And its feedback like that, that keep more patients coming back to NMMC as their hospital of choice for a variety of healthcare needs.

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