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Medical Monday 12.30.13: TAMC Healthcare Resolutions

| January 1, 2014


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A New Year begins in just two days, but already one county healthcare site is working on a full list of resolutions that will improve patient care.  The New Year’s ball hasn’t dropped yet in Times Square but healthcare practitioners at the Aroostook Medical Center are already taking the ball and running with a slew of new projects, staff and department expansions and ways to improve healthcare services for patients. Starting with the inclusion of a new operative podiatrist, expanding eye care or opthamalogy and surgical services in Presque Isle. TAMC CEO Sylvia Getman says the hospital has a coordinated VISION for success in 2014. “Its really a whole different level of care coordination for patients between facilities, between providers out into the community,” says Getman. “Rengineering the way we deliver primary care is going to be absolutely vital and use a team approach in primary care so patients may not see the physician every visit but maybe by a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant this really allows us to expand our capabilities and deliver care most efficiently and most appropriately,” says Jay Reynolds TAMC Chief Operating Officer. TAMC was included among the 25 most wired rural hospitals in healthcare and she says that distinction comes from always being cutting edge in technology innovation. Getman adds “Our patient portals to me is the greatest advancement in that it will allow people to look in real time at their lab results and information with their provider in a very different way so its kind of bringing that technology to the patient and I think that’s a huge advancement. We are going to be bringing in a linear accelerator we’re the only oncology program in the county working closely with Cancer Care Maine on a radiation cancer program.” And collaborations like that are how patients become better served by rural hospitals. Reynolds says throughout the year, TAMC will be holding regional clinics with other hospital sites including Northern Maine Medical Center in Fort Kent. And one thing that’s always ongoing says Reynolds and that’s “Recruiting physicians to rural areas is always on our minds of course.” And its those continued projects of recruitment, services expansion and technology additions that TAMC hopes will bolster its healthcare mission of providing quality patient care through the New Year and for years to come.


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