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Medical Monday 12.2.13: Healthy Holiday Eating

| December 5, 2013


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Thanksgiving may be behind us, but there are more holiday get togethers ahead. And more temptations to eat unhealthy.

A sumptious golden brown turkey, a slice of sweet pumpkin pie and the best tasting biscuits. Its love at first bite. But with all those appealing holiday parties and family get togethers, the calories quickly add up. Unless you eat in moderation say healthcare practitioners. Tina Stewart is a registered dietician at the Aroostook Medical Center in Presque Isle and says “Its important to keep in mind to watch your portion size during the holidays and prepare meals that you can bring to buffets.” Stewart says one of the best things people can do to avoid packing on the pounds during the holidays is opting for more healthy ingredients in recipes. “You can make substitutions in recipes that you’re making to make them healthier cutting back on salt, sodium and fat in dishes that you’re making at home,” says Stewart. Some suggestions she has for popular holiday food must haves like turkey dressing and gravy. “If you like dressing as a side dish you can use less bread and add a healthy alternatives like vegetables, cranberries, apples extra celery to make it healthier. If you’re doing gravy you can use a low fat low sodium chicken broth or refrigerate your gravy if you’re making it from scratch and the layer of fat that hardens on the top skin, skim that off and that would make it a lower turkey you wanna make sure you’re taking the skin off and it cuts down a lot on the fat and calories by doing that,” says Stewart. She also adds that people can be a health motivator at holiday parties by encouraging some sort of activity to get people moving. Finally she advises people to watch their alcohol consumption, because that can also pack a pound punch. And those are just a few healthful hints that will keep your holidays happy instead of bah humbug on the hips.

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