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Medical Monday 11.4.13: Step and Tone To Good Health

| November 5, 2013


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Taking STEPS to improve your health. That’s what these people are doing in this STEP and TONE class led by Kelli Marsten. Kelli Marsten is the instructor for Step and Tone at the University of Maine at Presque Isle and says “I might do two minutes on the step or one minute on the step of five minutes or I might not even use the step at all and we do body weight training, we do core training we use weights and bands I try to hit every muscle group in the body.” Marsten teaches this class twice a week. She says its grown in popularity because it offers a wide range of exercise routines. And that range has appealed to everyone from exercise novices to experienced athletes who say they SEE and FEEL the benefits. Chelsea Nickerson is a Step and Tone Participant and says “I’ve been taking this for about a year and its help me get in shape, I’ve been in the best shape that I’ve ever been in.” “We did it last year for our early morning ski workout and really felt the burn and it just makes you a better athlete afterwards.” says Molly Lindsey another Step and Tone participant. Marsten adds “You can go at your own pace so you don’t have to have three or two risers on your step you can just go very very moderate or you can really increase your intensity and do lot’s of jumping.” And that’s what you’ll see in this class. Lot’s of jumping, lunging, walking, bending, stretching…with bands, stability balls and of course STEPS. And she encourages anyone to consider joining. But if step and tone is not your cup of tea…she says that’s ok. As long as people get SOME KIND of regular exercise routine in. “If you don’t use it you lose it. And if you want to stay healthy you need to exercise, if you wanna lose weight you need to exercise,” cautions Marsten. Lindsey says “You always feel better after you do a workout it helps you stay fit, it lets me eat my ice cream afterwards. Kelli’s a good motivator and its just fun to be in the class.”¬†And when you’re health is on the line, BANDING together is always good motivation to staying in shape.

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